Wednesday, April 15, 2009

YTMND Flash Template GIF news

A couple months ago we launched a beta of the new flash template. Despite being quite ugly, it worked for the most part outside of one major issue; A small percentage of the animated gifs were not being converted to SWF properly. We are using a proprietary piece of software to do the conversion, and it was throwing an error claiming the files had > 16,000 frames. After a great deal of back and forth with the company who makes the software, we managed to get the source code for the animated gif portion.

davidc managed to skillfully track down the bug and also pointed me towards this terrific article on gif frame delays, which explains why there are so many browser-dependant synch problems with animated YTMNDs. At any rate, the flash template will now force a 100ms delay when 0ms delays are given. Some changes need to be made to the code, but this is good news.

This also means that once everything is converted over, every browser will play the images at the same speed, hopefully ensuring the true end to all synch problems.


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